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January 2018

Install AMP in WordPress | Increase your Website Traffic Easily

AMP Project is an open-source initiative by  Google ,   Facebook and WordPress member’s to improve the performance of web content and advertisements. Accelerated Mobile Pages  improve the Website speed by more than 60%.

The  Accelerated Mobile Pages project run by Google and includes several other large search engine, social and web publishing platforms around the world.

In Some cases google use it’s own CDN to  load Accelerated Mobile Pages ,  if a normal  website post open in 15 sec , then AMP pages can load the same content in 2 to 5 sec only 🙂 .

Follow these Step’s to Install  AMP in your WordPress WebSite :-

  • Login to Your WordPress Dash board .ADD NEW PLUGIN -AMP
  • Click  on Plugin Button ( Can be seen on left hand side of your Screen) .
  • Click  on add new plugin button .
  • Search for AMP in search box .
  • Install  Plugin  by  Automattic
  • Active Plugin.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages   PLUGIN INSTALL
  • If you want to change the branding from WordPress to  your Website or to  Your parent site then you can change it easily by clicking on Plugin  > Editor > Select  AMP Plugin > See on right and side and click  on   templates  >  footer.php > and see on   line number 5 and edit as you wish  🙂

To  verify  your Accelerated Mobile Pages , just  open your post and add /amp/ at last  of your URL.  While publishing your Web Site on Google don’t forget to your Accelerated Mobile Pages 🙂  .

If you want to  Improve your SEO for your AMP Page’s then use Yoast Glue AMP  plugin , this will  copy your code’s from your regular post to Accelerated Mobile Pages  , So now you don’t need to work  on SEO and don’t need to work  on coding.

You can easily use your affiliates or Google Adsense with Accelerated Mobile Pages , even ads will  load faster then your regular pages 😉

To get more information regarding Accelerated Mobile Pages visit there official website and learn do to modify your AMP page’s . Official AMP Website

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