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April 2018

How to Update WordPress Plugins via FTP

Here is how you can manually update WordPress plugins via FTP. Only manually updating the plugin can help in this case because very often your website can break due to 1-click WordPress plugin update fail.  To manually update WordPress plugins via FTP without breaking your website follow the given instructions

First of all let us understand what is the need of updating WordPress plugins manually?

WordPress is a platform which lets you manage core, theme, and plugin updates. Now, click on the update link to update your plugins, it’s that simple.

You might end up with a broken site if something goes wrong with the update or it gets interrupted. Commonly seen errors are briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance error, syntax error, or internal server error.

To fix these errors you will need to manually update the WordPress plugin via FTP.

How to manually update WordPress plugins via FTP?

Download the latest version of the plugin you are trying to update from the plugin page if it’s free. If it is a premium plugin download it from the plugin’s website. (Download zip file).

Then extract the plugin  zip file’s.

Now open your FTP client, for example FileZilla. Next, enter your website name in the hostname with your FTP username and password.


After connecting to your website via FTP, go to /wp-content/plugins/ folder. Right click on the plugin and then select ‘Rename’ and add -old to the plugin folder name. For example, jetpack-old. (This will  help  use to keep  backup)

Download the renamed folder as backup. So that you can revert back to the old version if you need it.

Now you can delete the old plugin from your website

Under the ‘Local’ section, switch to your FTP client and then select the new plugin folder from your computer. Next, right click and select ‘Upload’ from FTP menu.


After your FTP client has transferred the plugin folder from your computer to your website login to your WordPress admin area and go to the Plugins page.

Activate the newly Updated plugin.


Yahoo! you have successfully updated a WordPress plugin via FTP. 🙂

As far as WordPress security is concerned, you should always use the latest version of WordPress and keep your WordPress plugins and theme updated. 😉